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...dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of our clients - one credit score at a time.

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We offer a clear, easy-to-use, credit service to help take back control of your money and enjoy life. Our team will remove negative remarks from your credit reports and raise your credit scores.

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We provide fast credit restoration services that allows you to qualify for large purchase loans such as homes, vehicles, and businesses capital. We'll even help you find a realtor or automotive professional for free.

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We use a simple course that we like to call the 7-steps to 790. We cover all of the bases from name and address correction to bankruptcy and judgment challenges. We help you reach higher credit ratings.

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  • Program Director

    "We love this business. We love our Families, our Employees and most of all We love our Clients. " Here's a little bit about me...  By the time I was 24 years old I had grossed just under a $1/2…

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  • Credit Case Manager

    Case Managers are your personal guide on the road to achieving excellent credit.  They will be your main point of contact and start by taking a snapshot of your credit reports. They will help you identify errors are and key…

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Better Lifestyle...Better Credit

At WhealCorp we strive hard for excellence. There are some things in life that are just worth working for and these are the values that WhealCorp Credit Consultants uphold. This is who we are.

There Is No Solution Like a Custom Solution

Our Credit consultants are among the most informed and innovative professionals in the industry. We believe in sharing a company motto that adds Value to Our Customers. We make our clients successful by adjoining cutting edge technology with sound ideas and technical business acumen.

Value - Succeed - Grow

This is how WhealCorp adds so much value to a client’s needs. We bring the analyst aspect to your financial needs and our consultants are in virtually every field of industry. We bring the expertise that adapts your needs to meet industry demands. Credit, as a touchy topic to many, means more than being able to borrow money. Your credit should grow in volumes. How much can you achieve if you have the right answers to the right questions? That is the WhealCorp Way.

In our research it seems that credit scores and credit education have become a country-wide concern now because it touches families in way like never before. Thus, we've come out of a desire to fulfill our client's basic human need for financial security.

As a community of families and individuals we now suffer from being overpowered by our debts and the oppression of men who wish to capitalize on our financial ignorance.  It seems that debt has become some form of a new type of control - Economic Control. And we want to free-up the individuals and families who suffer from financial illness and stimulate our own economic recovery again.

To make our communities and our families great we need to understand what financial security is and how credit plays its role in all of it.  Credit education and debt relief plays a will be our main focus with this project for the foreseeable future.  We want our clients to achieve better credit and enjoy better lifestyles by rebuilding the value in their dollars so that their families may grow into success.

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